Time In Haiti

Time in Haiti - Daylight savings time in Haiti

Time in Haiti -  Daylight savings time in Haiti

What time is it in Haiti? When does daylight savings time in Haiti start and end in Haiti? Read this... You want to know the current time in Port-au-Prince Haiti, here is some info...

Haiti now follows the same daylight saving time (DST) schedule as the United States and Canada.

Haiti uses Eastern Standard Time (EST) when observing standard time (autumn/winter) - which is 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-05) - and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) when observing daylight saving time (spring/summer) - which is 4 hours behind (UTC-04).

So... Time in Haiti is the same as Eastern Time in the US and Canada (i.e time in New York, Miami, and other cities in the east coast)

Here are some info about time in Port-au-Prince Haiti:

Daylight savings time in Haiti (DST) starts on the second sunday of March, 02:00 local standard time

DST ends on first Sunday of November at 02:00 local daylight time

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