Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy

Renewable Energy in Haiti - Green Energy

Renewable energy is energy that comes from resources which are continually replenished such as sunlight (Haiti has plenty of that), wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.

Providing efficient clean energy sources in Haiti would greatly reduce energy costs and dependency on fossil fuels. This is the key to improving Haiti's energy structure.

Presently, Haiti has high-energy costs, low electrification rates, and high dependency on fossil fuels

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The Haitian government announces NO TAX on solar panels and alternative energy imports. The government says it wants everyone Haitian citizen to have access to alternative energy.

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Haiti Renewable Energy Update -- A new alternative electricity micro distribution network has just been inaugurated in the town of Les Anglais, Sud Haiti, providing 430 households with access forto electricity fir the first time...

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We have just been informed that ALL the solar panel at the Thomassique Haiti Hospital were stolen earlier this week... According to a resident of Thomassique, 15 to 20 Solar panels were stolen, panels that the hospital uses to power up the critical equipments...

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TRUE or FALSE??? A large majority of Haitian university students have absolutely no reflex to protect the environment in Haiti... By default, Haitians have no respect for their environment...

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Last week, I wrote an article about renewable energy to power rural Haiti. Since then, I've been curious to know how much it actually costs to implement renewable energy in Haiti.

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Steev Sou Facebook says...

Energie eorolienne comme dans le sud de la france et en europe y a trop de mer qui sert a rien en haiti.

(Admin note:)

L'énergie éolienne est l'énergie du vent dont la force motrice est utilisée dans le déplacement de voiliers et autres véhicules ou transformée au moyen d'un dispositif aérogénérateur comme une éolienne ou dans un moulin à vent en une énergie diversement utilisable.

C'est une des formes d'énergie

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Alex says...

fanily! we are making steps

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Sergo Buissereth says...

Perfect! the next step is to use all the debris to create BIO GAS for cooking and to run generators.

Again and Again Love it! we are moving

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