Pwosevebal Biwo Vot - Haiti Election 2010 - DE36318

Pwosevebal Biwo Vot - Haiti Election 2010 - DE36318

Here is an original statement from one of the Haiti election vote centers in Ouanaminthe, Pwosevebal Biwo Vot - Haiti Election 2010 - DE36318 compared the actual results posted by the CEP

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Poisson Gros Sel or Coarse Salt Fish is a very popular dish in Haiti. I always thought Gros Sel meant the fish was more salty than usual but no.

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99.9 percent of the Haitians are superstitious. I was surprised to be listening to a famous journalist in Haiti yesterday who thinks it is normal for people to die during the carnival season because, superstitiously speaking, it has to happen. SAY WHAT???

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Most Haitians care more about their foods tasting really good than how healthy the food is. That makes me think: Stroke and Hypertension (high blood pressure) in the Haitian community, are they linked to all that extra salt in the way we cook?

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