PHOTO: Haiti in the African Union

PHOTO: Haiti in the African Union

Look at this photo... Haiti, a Caribbean country in the African Union...

What do you think about that?

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The African Union has 54 member states. Actually, make that 55: Next month, Haiti will officially become a member....

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Paroli Geneus says...

An afrik sei you problem langue.

Afrikain ki pale anglais pa zanmi Haitiens.

Haiti ki pale anglais guin tandans exploitei Haitiens pi mal passei blan. Afrikain ki palei anglai exploite haitiens pou ba blan, pou aider blan nan payi etranger.

Afrikain pa zanmi Haitian bien kei yo se zancest haitiens.

Afrikain zanmi haitien just pou li fai voudou avek Haitiens, si ou pa fai vodou, afrikain pa zanmi

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Roody says...

africa se rasin nou mwen pagen ankenn problème ak

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