Haitian Police Officers

Haitian Police Officers

Being a police officer in Haiti these days is a tough job. I salute the brave men and women who choose to protect and serve in Haiti.

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Dr. Schiller Alexandre, son of former Haitian President Boniface Alexandre, was found bound and gagged at his home in Vivi Mitchell, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as police arrived in the nick of time to foil the plot to kidnap him. His friend, Eliphete Noel, a former Deputy (Congressman), received a blow to the head with a hammer and was struck in the shoulder with a machete.

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Every time an incident happens in Haiti, it tends to get worse. Monday, Champs-de-Mars, Haitian Students are protesting the [[1009 murder of one of their own by a police officer at UEH]] and now there is a [[http://tinyurl.com/augv3kv video on YouTube]] showing showing Haitian police shooting AT the protesters...

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A Haitian University student was shot and killed Saturday by a Haitian police officer at a party within the grounds of the University.

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Second Haitian policeman dead in less then five hours -- Another Haitian police officer, Mathieu Johnny, has just been shot and killed in Port-au-Prince today.

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