Haitian Ebola Scare

Haitian Ebola Scare

May people in Haiti are affraid of a potential ebola outbreak in Haiti. SInce the outbreak in Africa, some people are worried that it may reach Haiti and the impact it would have

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The World Bank board of directors approved a 20 million dollar US donation for the Republic of Haiti Thursday to help with the response to covid-19.

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The corona virus which is scaring everyone in China and part of Europe has just reach Brazil. There many Haitians in Brazil. Is it time for us to be scared? Read this...

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Head of the United States Southern Military Command, (SOUTHCOM), warned that an Ebola outbreak in Central America or the Caribbean could trigger a mass migration to the United States

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I cannot believe this... Me and a friend, we are sitting here wondering what we would if EBOLA suddenly landed in Haiti... It is not a pretty picture... Many selfish thoughts actually... LOL... Nou tap achte 5 sak diri, 2 sak pwa, 3 gallon lwil, epi nou pa pran kontak ak pesonn... What would you do if EBOLA landed in Haiti?

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Did you know? The United Nations' new Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) is recruitting Haitians in Haiti for short missions in Africa infected with Ebola areas... We have been informed that Haitians are applying by the hundreds for this volunteer mission, not even focusing on the risk but the rewards being offered, to go to Ebola infected areas to help fight Ebola...

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