Haiti Beef Cattle - Livestock - Yon bèf ki mare nan kòd (pa genyen élevage libre ankò)

Haiti Beef Cattle - Livestock - Yon bèf ki mare nan kòd (pa genyen élevage libre ankò)

My father tells me when he was a small child growing up in Haiti, there was free breeding (elevage libre), which meant that all cattle, goats, sheep, and other animals were released freely in the fields to eat, drink, water and breed. And farmers used to make good money.

But not anymore... Free breeding is not allowed in Haiti anymore. not for a long time. Not since it was abolished by President Francois Duvalier back in 1962.

Do some research on the Law No V of the Francois DUVALIER Rural Code (1962) -- Francais: Loi No V du Code rural Francois DUVALIER (1962)

Funny, in 2022, an organization in Haiti stated that although abolished by the Rural Code of François Duvalier, free breeding is still practiced in certain regions of Haiti. Farm animals are running around and about doing whatever they please.


Papa-m di lè li te ti moun piti an Haiti, te genyen elvaj lib (élevage libre), ki vle di tout bèf, kabrit, mouton, ak lòt zannimo te lage lib nan savann yo andeyo pou yo manje, bwè dlo, fè pitit, e sa te rapòte payizan yo anpil lajan.

Papa-m di yonn nan prezidan ki vinn monte yo, mwen pa sonje ki prezidan, misye finn exije peyizan yo pou mete zanimo sa yo nan kòd... e dapre li menm, sa totalman kraze zafe elvaj an Haiti.

Kisa-w panse de sa?

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Since 1962, Elevage libre (Free Breeding) and animals roaming the streets of Haiti's cities, towns and villages were forever abolished by the Code Rural of president Francois Duvalier.

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