Haiti :: Hurricane Sandy - The River in the Back Yard!

Haiti :: Hurricane Sandy - The River in the Back Yard!

October 2012 - Hurricane Sandy turns some backyards in Haiti into raging rivers. Wow...

Can you believe this???

Do you see how many Haitian kids are just standing there -- This close to danger -- like it's no big deal???

Hmmmmm.... Se Gwo koze!

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Haiti participated Wednesday, March 20, on a tsunami warning exercise on a large scale, involving 30 countries of the Caribbean and adjacent regions, the second test since a big tsunami hit Japan back in March 2011

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I just read an [[http://af.reuters.com/article/commoditiesNews/idAFL1E8LT5EX20121029 article]] that says: Haiti will see the deadliest effects of Sandy in the coming days and weeks!

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