Haiti Caricature - Is Jean Claude Duvalier going to Heaven or Hell?

Haiti Caricature - Is Jean Claude Duvalier going to Heaven or Hell?

Look at this caricature... The people of Haiti are split between former Haiti dictator Jean Claude 'Babydoc' Duvalier going to Heaven or Hell...

According to the caricature published by Haitian newspaper Le Nouvelliste, fans of Babydoc Duvalier say he was a good guy and he is going straight to Heaven while the victims of the Duvalier regime say he should go straight to hell...

What do you say?

Note: Just in case Heaven and Hell is a big sensitive topic for you, please understand that this for entertainment purpose only as I am sure you already know :)

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Dimitri says...

I think you guys could get a gun and kill your own self so you can go and make sure where duvalier went after death.when someone die only the architect has the rifht to decide not you evoluated

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Mariejoanis says...

We can't send people to hell or to heaven, GOD only

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Schuman says...

The only way people go is if during their time on earth choose not to receive

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Yvette Duverge says...

God has the last

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William Dupervil says...

That's between him and God, we need to worry about ourselves.

Baby doc Duvalier is gone

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Jacques Turgot Rev says...

Whoever judges another one will be subject to be

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Katia says...

C'est pas a nous de juger, c'est a Dieu de

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Patrick Princivil says...

Ahhhhhhh papa!

Ti nèg pat kon-n pan mwen!

Sé pou tout Prézidan yo purifié ak tout fan-mi yo au nom de Jésus.

Sé pou tout lapolis, Munistah, L'armé jwen gras devan Bondyé nan syèl la pou tout tan e l'eternité.

Sé pou Haïti, Canada, la France, États-Unis etc. transfòmé an légliz.

Sé pou tout simityè yo transfòmé an légliz au nom de Jésus.

Viv Jean Claude Duvalier ak tout fanmi yo pou al chita sou men-m table ak Bondyé nan syèl la an

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Jp says...

Eskizem poum pi Kle moin te vle di, le nou tout chwazi pou Duvalier al nan lanfe Aristide menm kote nap

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Jp says...

Bon me zan mi le nou tout chwazi pou Fuvalier al nan lanfe et Aristide menm kote nap votel

Please answer my

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