Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh...

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh...

Food for thought - anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking. In the Haitian community, we are often thinking ways to improve our lives, improve the lives of our Haitian brothers and sisters, the standard of living in Haiti and the quality of life of all Haitians citizen living there.

All this can be accomplished if with great thoughts put into action.

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Have you ever wanted to do something and everyone around you, literally everyone is against it? What do you do in that case?

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Sometimes when you don't understand something it is best to ask questions, or better yet, keep your mouth shut and observe. Don't pretend to be Mr Know-it-all the uneducated masses.

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I was watching a video on YouTube where comedian DL Hughley was giving his opinion about the Black Panther movie and it made me think about Haiti. DL Hughley said: "Everything you know, everything you believe, you know it or believe it because because you saw it or you heard it." Let me ask you a question: What have you seen or heard about Haiti all your life?

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The other day was talking to a Dominican man who said this to me: "Haiti's relationship with other countries is give and take: They give, Haiti takes...

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My teenage son asked me this question: What is the difference between a gentleman and a sweet guy? Hmmmm... What do you think is the difference???

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