Dominican Metro Rail

Dominican Metro Rail

Photo of the Dominican Metro rail system.

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During a conversation with my cousin in New York, he predicted that the money transfers coming from the Haitian diaspora in the form of remittances may be depleted within the next 10 to 15 years and he give a very good reason for that.

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In Haiti, one of cheapest and most good for you food you can buy in the streets is Mayi Boukannen, simple grilled corn on the cob. For as little as $5 Haitian gourdes, you can eat your grilled corn an be on your way.

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Yesterday, I posted a photo on Facebook to let the Haitian people know that Cine Triomphe in downtown Port-au-Prince is almost ready and I was surprised to see how many people were just in love with the photo... When I shared the photos of the [[album594 blue seats]] and [[album583 red seats]] still wrapped in plastic inside the theaters of Cine Triomphe, my Facebook fans went crazy... They loved it...

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If you think you can commit a crime in the United States then go hide in Haiti you have another thing coming... A Haitian man, Wesnel Isaac, who is wanted for murder, kidnapping and robbery in South Florida was hiding in Haiti until recently...

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Oh you're gonna love this one!... The first Black deportees to Haiti were not the Haitians at all, they were African-Americans and they were shipped to Haiti by guess who?

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