Christalie Parisot On NBC Miami Non Stop

Christalie Parisot On NBC Miami Non Stop

Christalie Parisot is the first Haitian to have a show on NBC.

Christalie Parisot is the daughter of longtime Haitian radio and television personality Elizabeth Guerin.

See Christalie Parisot On NBC Miami Non Stop

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Labady says...

Hey, how are you doing?

I'm so happy to see the good jod you have done for the haitian community
N the US n across the world I'm proud of you I wish you good

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Tony says...

Nice doudou, you deserve to be

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Bernadette says...

W O W!! This is indeed a giant step forward.

Let us hope this medium is being used to bring fresh news relevant to Haiti and Haitians on regular daily basis.

Congrats and good

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