Bouillon Cubes - Haitians call them all MAGGI

Bouillon Cubes - Haitians call them all MAGGI

Haitian women has been using Maggi bouillon cubes for cooking for so long that the Creole word for Bouillon Cube is MAGGI... Yo mete maggi nan tout bagay... But do you know how bad this stuff is for you health?

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Les morceaux de bouillons en poudre comme Maggi, El Criollito en Haiti, sont très économiques et ils ont un goût savoureux. Mais sont-ils sans danger pour l'organisme humain ?

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I was reading an article online that says: "Maggi is in every meal in West Africa" and I started laughing because I know that virtually everything you eat in Haiti has a bouillon cube in it...

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Ala fin ce lougarou kitoujou finn pa touye

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