mil fra sou san mwen pito viv vi tant ou a.

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mil fra sou san mwen pito viv vi tant ou

Tina, April 29 2013, 2:52 PM

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Topic: Haitians in the USA vs. Haitians in Haiti

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Kid! That's such a great article. The comparisons are so true of our Haitians people. read more >
Margie, 27-Apr-13 5:51 pm
Woodring, I read your post with interest. You have made some good points. What is indeed time without money and what is money without time? I... read more >
Damebochie, 27-Apr-13 8:36 pm
I would rater be the induce in Haiti read more >
Marie, 27-Apr-13 9:04 pm
I know it's hard because sometimes I only sleep 3 hours a night but I prefer to stay in the USA. read more >
Louis Guillaume, 28-Apr-13 10:01 am
So True! I enjoyed reading your article. read more >
Gabrielle, 28-Apr-13 1:48 pm
It is a choice that is somehow very hard to make for Haitian in the U.S. but not for the majority of Haitians in Haiti. It is an individual choice... read more >
Harry Memnon, 28-Apr-13 3:44 pm
mil fra sou san mwen pito viv vi tant ou a. read more >
Tina, 29-Apr-13 2:52 pm
that is true i want to go back home read more >
Nondy Cesar, 30-Apr-13 12:43 pm
Mon cher, ce que vous dites dans l'article n'est qu'une constatation d'une verite vraie. read more >
Dalencier Dalegrand, 30-Apr-13 1:05 pm
Ban m Ayiti m papa! At least, to teach my kids the value of things, respect for granmoun, appreciation of human live and dignity, sispann gaspiye... read more >
Kiki, 30-Apr-13 11:21 pm
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