Haitians in the USA vs. Haitians in Haiti

There is a huge difference between Haitians in the USA and Haitians in Haiti:

Me, Matant Regette, and My Mother

Haitians in the USA, most of them, have MORE money BUT no time to enjoy it... Haitians in Haiti, most of them, have more time but NO money to enjoy it...

Haitians in the USA want to go back home to Haiti because they value time more than money... Haitians in Haiti want to go the USA because they value money more than time...

But what is time without money? What is money without time?

Let me tell you a story...

One day, I decided to go to "Savann a Pal" (country side of Maissade Haiti) to give a surprise visit to Matant Regette, my mother's older sister. When I got there, I saw something that made me feel sorry for my mother back in New York, except I could not explain that to my aunt, 'Matant Regette', she wouldn't understand...

As I tip-toed into her tiny two-room countryside house, I saw my aunty laying peacefully on her back, her hands behind her head, her feet crossed, napping next to an open window in the middle of the day with NOT a single problem in the world!!! The lady got no bills... NONE... Aint no kidnappers or zenglendos on the country side!

"What my mother would give for a nap like this," I thought!

Before waking her up, I quickly pictured my mother, saying "Waiiiiiii" (the universal 'I am so tired' cry of Haitians living in the States) in her modern kitchen in New York, trying to quickly cook something before heading back out for yet another task in her busy New York lifetsyle...

Ayayay... Madanm lan bossi telman li fatige... Fi a pa ka domi lannwit telman li gen bagay pou li fe... Nan New York pa gen wozle zong pitit...

But I cannot tell my auntie that... according to all the world standards, she is the one who is poor.

Is she really???

Matant Regette and My Mother, First Reunion in 20 Years

If I could only wave a magic wand and have my mom and my auntie trade places: something very funny would happen...

They would both be very happy at first.

My mother would sleep and rest for about a week and then she would be bored. When you spend so many years working as hard as my mother and suddenly you get more then a week OFF... You wouldn't know what to do with all that time...

Plus... e chak vandredi-a pitit... She expects a check every week even thought it's not enough! Even though it will disappear by Monday morning.

As for my auntie, she would be very happy, seeing all these worldly things... Dlo glace, big screen TV, cable, internet, paved roads, oh my.... Until she realizes how much her new life actually costs... LOL...

"Kisa? Yon dola Amerikin pou 2 grenn bannann? LOL... 43 goud wi!"

"Kisa? 1,500 dola Amerikin pou kay la... Pa mwa??? 64,000 goud... mezanmi!"

"Kisa? Kisa??? 150 dola Amerikin pou yon ti sache pwovisyon??? He heyyyy... "

"Rete... mwen fek toushe vandredi-a wi, kote lajan-an pase la-a???"


"O O..."


"Wi Fout..."

Yea... Yea... Yea... Haitians in Haiti, they all want to go to "Les Etas-Unis" but they have no idea what is waiting for them once they get there.

America IS the land of opportunity... But for whom?

As for Haitians in the USA, most of them wouldn't mind trading some of that money for a good night sleep and to wake of to the sounds of...

"Kou kou you kouuuuuu!!!!!"

Of course I am not comparing every Haitian in the USA with every Haitian in Haiti... Just my beloved mother and her sister who we all love so much...

Which one of them would you rather be?

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Carter says...

You are right.

good story.

I would still go with your

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Bee says...

Very interesting and funny article.

I had a ball reading through it. Well, if I had to choose, it would be a mix. Live in the States working a living wage job, keeping the expenses moderate and travel to Haiti every three months and get acquainted with all the wonderful sites to behold.

Map imagine'm anba pye zorange, mango, kenep manje domi vant plen. Home is

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Reynald St Fleur says...

Your stories are very inspiring.

Keep them coming, I love

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Jeanette Sou Facebook says...

I love this article! It is so timely.

I know just what you mean. I just had a long conversation with my cousin in Haiti who lives in my house rent free, eats without paying, and has not a care in the world, except now that his girlfriend is pregnant.

He always complains that he has no money, wants my husband to pay him for living at the house (LOL really!) and now, thinks he should go to the USA to work to make money.

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Kiki says...

Ban m Ayiti m papa! At least, to teach my kids the value of things, respect for granmoun, appreciation of human live and dignity, sispann gaspiye, etc. Pa gen pi bon lekol lavi pase viv ann

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Dalencier Dalegrand says...

Mon cher, ce que vous dites dans l'article n'est qu'une constatation d'une

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Nondy Cesar says...

that is true i want to go back

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Tina says...

mil fra sou san mwen pito viv vi tant

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Harry Memnon says...

It is a choice that is somehow very hard to make for Haitian in the U.S. but not for the majority of Haitians in Haiti.

It is an individual choice for us who have been living the good life here and are used to the material things which are so easy to acquire in this country.

The opportunities are endless here but in Haiti very, very

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Gabrielle says...

So True! I enjoyed reading your

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