I agree with that kid to some extent and totally understand...

Gigie - February 20 2013, 3:16 PM

I agree with that kid to some extent and totally understand him! I was lucky enough to have had two teachers in Haiti that made a great impact on me before I even knew that it's better to understand the school materials than to recite them. I always had an issue with reciting something I couldn't explain.

With that said, it's not the French Language that's failing him but rather the teacher as a couple of you mentioned.

When I attended EFCTEC, I had Mr. Neptune for biology and Mr. Florestal for physics (electricity).

Those two teachers were my life savers in their teaching methods.

They encouraged and promoted their students to explain materials or lessons using our own words (of course in French).

During exams, you either know what you're talking about or you don't. You had to explain yourself and give examples, not reciting; through class sessions and exams.

I loved it; I appreciated it more when I moved to the states and see how beneficial it is as student to know and understand my school work.

I would love the opportunity to thank them in person if I could! If anyone knows Mr. Florestal and/or Mr. Neptune could you please reply to my message?

They were my teachers around 1988-1990 at EFCTEC.


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