Is this for real? Tell me more, I would like to knw.

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Is this for real?

Tell me more, I would like to knw.

Carl Exantus, October 23 2012, 9:39 PM

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Topic: Clifford Brandt Arrested In Haiti For Kidnapping

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well se pou yo komanse pa fel li baye youn pa youn lot kidnape pareye liyo, wow!!! se pa li selman. sa se w gro kout nas. bon travaye mesie polisie... read more >
Elizabeth, 23-Oct-12 8:49 am
If it is true... God is just beginning of showing us the real face of certain riches in Haiti... those who created the Hell in our poor country..... read more >
Mm, 23-Oct-12 11:56 am
Forgive him and tell him don't sin anymore read more >
Patrick Princivil, 23-Oct-12 1:04 pm
Just Plain Greedy... SMH read more >
Woy, 23-Oct-12 1:47 pm
si yo pa fe magouy ak sa gen anpil lot gro zouzoune kap pran kod depil vle bay tout rezo yo. m pap di anyen anko frem... enben peyi dayiti ap rete... read more >
Ok, 23-Oct-12 1:52 pm
I feel like people like is the reason I can't go back home and feel safe with my friends and family! He need to come to justice just like any other... read more >
Laurie, 23-Oct-12 2:22 pm
Incredible, but this is not a movie. La verite finit toujours par triomphee. They're will be more to come. trust me read more >
Jeanfrancois Turenne, 23-Oct-12 7:01 pm
This is really hard to believe. I am waiting for further investigations and interrogations to confirm this story. read more >
Paul, 23-Oct-12 8:15 pm
Is this for real? Tell me more, I would like to knw. read more >
Carl Exantus, 23-Oct-12 9:39 pm
Incroyable! It's too early to pass a judgment. read more >
Marco, 23-Oct-12 9:45 pm
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