Attention all of the Haitian people who are talking badly...

Elizabeth - June 20 2012, 9:17 PM

Attention all of the Haitian people who are talking badly about Haiti, Haitians, and Haitian parliament, did you forget that YOU too are also Haitian?

When you speak badly about Haiti or Haitians, you are speaking badly about yourself as well. That is so dumb. And for all of the people who don't have Haitian ancestry, take a chance to dive into the Haitian culture and learn about us, our food, our beliefs, and the parts of Haiti which AREN'T impoverished.

Take a chance to learn about what the current President has done and is continuing to do for Haiti.

Learn about the youth who are getting their hands dirty in the fight to rebuild Haiti.

Instead of washing your hands clean of anything and everything Haiti or Haitian and calling OUR people nasty, stupid, lazy, ignorant, and hopeless how about trying to make a positive impact and help to educate the less educated and help to open their eyes to what they failed to see before.

Instead of simply refering to Haiti as the impoverished, devastated, hopeless, demonized, pitiful, lifeless hell-hole; put your mind, voice, words, and hands to work to change the negative outlook that most of the world has about our beautiful land including your own and help restore Haiti back to it's fullest potential.

By NOT doing these things, YOU are the ignorant, the selfish, the merciless, the thieving, and the deceitful because God blessed you with more than most people in the world will ever be able acquire in their natural born lives, but you refuse to share your bounty due to some resentment which you've built toward the tiny 20% or less of the minority of Haitians in Haiti who do take part in politics and take advantage of the system.

Ignorany fools, do you not see that the same issues occur all over the world including these United States of America in which most of you live?

The same shit happens in Italy, Albania, Egypt, India, and countless other places.

You should be ashamed of your greed and I am ashamed for you. I personally think that Michel is doing a wonderful job as President and I honestly did not expect anything let alone something of this magnitude from his presidency.

I commend him for doing such a grande job and will support him in his effort to bring Tourism to Haiti on a larger scale so that the world's outlook on my country can change and the economy can prosper.

Great job Pres....

Proud Haitian

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Right on point, Lisa. It is about time we stopped...

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