To the description of carnaval as posted by Toudenoir I would...

J-r Auguste - February 1 2012, 8:28 PM

To the description of carnaval as posted by Toudenoir I would add: the jambes de bois groups of adults and children.

All "deguise" and parading on long, tall jambes de bois.

A huge, colorful, dancing and reveling parade.

A feast for the eyes and the ears. Diabolo often the last group in the cortege.

Bringing up the rear, all in jaune abricot and black, chanting: Nou bayo devan, yo pasa paret.

Big ships full of tourists blans lined up from behind La Gonave waiting to discharge their passengers in Port-au-Prince, Petit Goave, Miragoane.

L'armee Haitienne en force in the cortege instilling order.

Bel bagay.

We did not have any insecurity back then. No kidnapping, no tet chage, no black-out, no sida.

In case you are wondering.

It was during and around the tenure of President Paul Eugene Magloire: 1950-1957.

Back then Caribbean tourists destinations were Cuba #1 and Haiti #2.

And now Haiti has this mascarade passing itself for carnaval.

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No I will not go. This charade is a carnaval in name...

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