Sean Penn, The New Haitian Ambassador

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Topic: Sean Penn, The New Haitian Ambassador

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Well,but!.. Who is Sean PENN?.. "Che" GUEVARA cousin?.. With a french-Britania name?.. Or Jean-Jacques DESSALINES american connection descendant... read more >
Edy Guadeloupe, 16-Jan-12 8:31 am
Well if he is able to accomplish what the President so far has failed to do, what's the issue here? I don't care if it's the Hunchback of Notre... read more >
Colette, 16-Jan-12 8:59 am
yes he love haiti he deserve to be ambassador he dont need our money he just love our country and us god bless him read more >
Lena, 16-Jan-12 10:44 am
Mr. Sean Penn's acceptance to become Haiti's ambassador ar large, should be a welcome news to every Haitians. If there is anyone capable of... read more >
David Grant, 16-Jan-12 12:28 pm
Edy,where have you been my friend.I think,by now,every haitien should know who is SEAN PENN.he s been in and out of HAITI ever since the... read more >
Elizabeth, 16-Jan-12 12:39 pm
Good news for Haiti. Mr. Penn is an Earthly Angel for the Nation. I applaud President Martelly of his view. God bless and help Haiti. read more >
Franckner Larece, 16-Jan-12 12:52 pm
I love it. Thank you Sean for caring for my people. God must have touched your heart for Haiti. I am forever grateful to you. Your work won't be in... read more >
Michaelle, 16-Jan-12 8:34 pm
God is good and I know by sending Sean Penn Haiti has a great chance to change. Welcome my friend Sean Penn. Haiti is one of the closest country... read more >
Acene Jean Pierre, 17-Jan-12 8:16 am
It is clear that Mr, Sean Penn has a love for the people of Haiti. He has been working for improvements in Haiti for sometime now. Thank you Sean... read more >
Patsey, 17-Jan-12 9:43 am
I have one thing to say on this subject about Sean Penn being an Ambassador of make me sick to my stomach and i don't want to say anything... read more >
Ann Jerry Jerome, 19-Jan-12 8:03 am
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