While my solution to this never-ending problem may sound...

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While my solution to this never-ending problem may sound harsh, I don't see any other option.

Those with the means to make significant changes, which will benefit not just a certain portion of Haiti's population, must be the ones to make the sacrifice.

To put it bluntly, plough the road!! Those who will not move, must be made to do so. If not, this vicious cycle will continue, ad infinitum.

There is so much work that needs to be done; why haven't the people been put to work?

Fixing and repairing the broken homes, schools, hospitals etc...?

All the money that was donated when the quake hit: what the hell happened to it?

It sure as heck didn't get used to make any improvements; on the contrary, one of our own is under scrutiny regarding his charity organization.

Who can say where the money went?

If it looks and smells like a rat, then by golly its a rat! Point finale.

There is no difference between our own and other caribbean island (paradise), except that we're too freakin' busy fighting and killing each other to get anything done. A president has been elected, and I for one don't see or hear of anything that has changed as a result of his taking office.


now what?

The mindset has to change.

If everyone is only out for themselves, well then, we're all going nowhere, FAST! I am so sick and tired of hearing about how Haitians are always asking for a handout.

When will we ever be able to stand on our own feet, and tell the rest of the world to shove it where the sun doesn't shine?

Ain't gonna happen, unless we stop the in-fighting, roll up our collective sleeves, and get the damned job done. 'Nuff said!

Colette, November 29 2011, 4:14 PM

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I vote yes! But let me be clear...Port-au-Prince n'est pas l'affaire d'une classe sociale m read more >
Mm, 29-Nov-11 4:05 pm
While my solution to this never-ending problem may sound harsh, I don't see any other option. Those with the means to make significant changes... read more >
Colette, 29-Nov-11 4:14 pm
St Preux, the question that you asked here, that is not a one question. that's a debate subject, I called it. what you just talking so important I... read more >
Richelet, 29-Nov-11 4:30 pm
We must first educate, and work hard to change their mentalities. We would need to be very careful, and fair with the poor. We can built very low... read more >
Josy, 29-Nov-11 5:31 pm
There is no need to be a riot if the government decide to remove these people from the beachfront and locate them elsewhere. All the government has... read more >
David Grant, 29-Nov-11 7:43 pm
The biggest problem with Haiti is its upper class. They only live for the moment. That is why they moved to the mountains, so they can be protected... read more >
Jacques L, 29-Nov-11 8:04 pm
if we working together put politik a way for the love of our country we can work with our president together to rebuil haiti read more >
Lena, 30-Nov-11 12:18 am
OK my people everyone has some good valid points but no real solutions because none of us are really putting our money where our heart is. Yes Haiti... read more >
Wag, 30-Nov-11 10:20 am
No, no my brother you got it all wrong. No one needs to move. Why would you want to have a business next to your home. You are right, what kind of... read more >
Jb, 30-Nov-11 10:21 am
Hi... How are you? For the "NEG ANBA" you talk about, it's only they miss the possibility to have money. Because, when you don't have money you... read more >
Roudia, 30-Nov-11 4:43 pm
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