Earthquake Aftershock In Haiti - 24 Jun 2011

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Jean Cladel Sinora says...

I felt it this morning before I woke up. Praise the Lord there was no damage.I think him for his Faithfulness. more »

Ben says...

NOTHING YET MORE TO COME WE HAITIAN R NO GOOD The last quake make us more vicieu more magouilleur moree macici more corupt.we no longueur have a... more »

Marlene Burcky says...

The Haitians peoples have to start praying as soon as possible before it is too late I do not want to scared nobody,and I don't want to call names... more »

Miejo says...

Yes haitian are good people, yes we have a country, but Jesus is waiting for you to start loving, and giving, clean your mouth, change your way of... more »

Ben says...

We have a country.were at? Does magouilleurs,corrupt,sida,colera,voleur,mandiant,are part of the concer of nation.Is telling the true dirthy mouth... more »

Miejo says...

We need men like you, when can you help? a country does not died, only men died, we need to manage our beautiful, rich country, Haitians are very... more »