The Haitians peoples have to start praying as soon as possible...

Marlene Burcky - June 25 2011, 1:29 AM

The Haitians peoples have to start praying as soon as possible before it is too late I do not want to scared nobody, and I don't want to call names
Some Christians peoples in Miami had visions, Jesus is tired of all the vodoow, and all the bad things like orgies, killing ect ect in Haiti, those peoples saw in their visions Haiti is going to be destroy I didn't think this sign from God was going to be so soon.

I urge you Haitian Peoples to turn to Jesus right away
May God our creator and gave his only Son to save of from the Sins gives us time after that sign to ask him for forgiveness.

You Haitians peoples God has the key of hell in his hands get away from satan you still have time Now and I said Now.

If you Haitian don't send satan away, and call Jesus'name loud in haiti, go after all the vodoow Priests tell them Jesus is alive let them know they are the devils who put you in that situation, If you have vodow things in your house burn them and ask God the king for forgivess My brothers and sisters please do it My heart is bleeding for you.

You have been trough an Earthquake but next time Haiti will desapear
Please God have mercy on them I know you are mad take them out of the darkness.

I know you are powerful Jesus I know you are a God of love I know this is what satan wants for haiti
all the band rara, all the peoples who practice vodoow,
all those peoples who are doing orgies, the gays, lesbians, all of you who don't believe in Jesus will be responsible for what will happen in Haiti if you don't get your acts straight NOW AND I SAID NOW

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