I have no issues whatsoever with a person who is trying to...

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I have no issues whatsoever with a person who is trying to make some money to feed, and educate his children.

Those small merchants are sending their children to school, and even Universities.

The lady my mom use to buy earings from at the market has a son who became a doctor, and her other children are all professionals from selling small items on the sidewalk.

I would probably be right there if I were in their shoes, but the government needs to assist them and improve the service.

They do not have jobs for all their citizens, and need to work with them. They should be trained in hygiene, and food safety.

They should have spots for them, so they are not all over the place and they can be where they can sell their products.

They should also show them how to sell, negotiate, and bargain with potential customers.

I have been to the craft market in Kingston years ago, and was really impressed by the merchants there.

They have uniforms, and picture identifications.

They do not curse you if you look at their merchandises, and do not buy anything.

I have been cursed in Haiti, and even called a thief for browsing in downtown Port au Prince.

Josy, May 12 2011, 1:05 AM

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Topic: Do you think of Haitian STREET Vendors as Entrepreneurs?

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Yes I do I see as a srart to something big and if we hat a smell bussniss association in Haiti' they would become bigged but becaise there money... read more >
Rems, 11-May-11 11:48 am
You're damn skippy they're business people! Their money is just as orange, purple, gray, or green as the "avoka's" or "Gro Not read more >
Jacques L, 11-May-11 11:51 am
your response is out of the norm - your response have nothing to do with the question asked. read more >
Eve, 11-May-11 12:14 pm
Let me start by saying that am tired to see the way Dominican is abusing my brother in Dominican republic how do we let get so far come on brothers... read more >
Ronald Jeudy, 11-May-11 12:28 pm
When "doing business" is not a dirty word anymore. When, us Haitians, respect practicing business on ALL levels is healthy for our economy.When... read more >
Bernadette, 11-May-11 1:31 pm
It's ok to have street vendors, however, they need to be regulated. There are too many vendors on the sidewalks, there need to be designated area... read more >
T . Lagwe, 11-May-11 1:32 pm
I absolutely think so, the street merchants are the driving force of what little economic vitality that exists. They are everywhere, in every corner... read more >
Benaja, 11-May-11 6:51 pm
Yes,se gracs a mounn sa yo ki fe nou gen filozof men kom gen kek ayisyen ki pa vle mounn konnen cote yo soti paske yo pito viv sou blof san reconet... read more >
Sergo Jean, 11-May-11 9:36 pm
I was there two weeks ago and as ma said it needs to be regulated. They take over the sidewalks and the streets leave no room for even people to... read more >
Garry Destin, 11-May-11 11:14 pm
I have no issues whatsoever with a person who is trying to make some money to feed, and educate his children. Those small merchants are sending... read more >
Josy, 12-May-11 1:05 am
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