Several observations NO ONE IS IN CHARGE IN HAITI dealing...

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Several observations
* NO ONE IS IN CHARGE IN HAITI dealing with critical infrastructure repair ...

it is the UN (the world's largest and most disorganized committee) and no one knows how many NGOs, and they have ideological differences on what should be done, which are more severe than capitalism vs. communism in the Cold War.
* It is pretty obvious to the man and woman in the street that there are lots of constructive things which can be done with the rubble ...

crush and use on roads which flood in spring rains, so they higher up and not flood ...

move off-shore to protect Haiti from severe weather, grow size of Haiti so more agricultural lands, ,, we can name many constructive uses, but the powers that be are clueless
* People clear the rubble BY HAND, without safety gloves, with no training what to do about the contamination in there.

* Rubble gets moved one place to another, then to another, then another, and sometimes back to where it was before.

* One of the most powerful entities in rubble clearing is USAID ...

the Inspector General of USA criticized USAID for many things they doing & USAID said IG not understand the goals ...

USAID thinks it is a good thing if the rubble is NEVER cleared ...

read the IG report
* The amount of rubble in Haiti is bigger volume than in any man made or natural disaster in recent history, with the sole exception of Katrina (ie. more than 9/11, 2004 Asian tsunami, WW II).

Katrina was 5 years ago and also estimated 20 years to recover.

* The CNN story is misleading.

CNN sends reporters to Haiti once in a blue moon, looking for dirt. They do not do meaningful reporting of comparing what the actors in Haiti SAY they are doing vs. what is REALLY happening.

Alister Wm Macintyre, April 15 2011, 3:21 PM

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Topic: Up To 20 Years To Remove Earthquake Rubble In Haiti?

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Haitian people are not lazy and they have started working on removing rubble and rebuilding. The issue is 1) There is not enough equipment to remove... read more >
Moricette, 15-Apr-11 12:46 pm
20 years unacceptable. You are kidding right, it can not be. We have the world who is willing to help us, in any ways that we need them too, whether... read more >
Rza, 15-Apr-11 12:50 pm
That is just 20 yrs to remove the rubbles. No the rebuilding process. Meaning it is going to take another 20 years to rebuilt, so we are looking at... read more >
Rza, 15-Apr-11 12:58 pm
It didn't take that long to rebuild Hiroshima so why would it take 20 years for Haiti? read more >
Lesley, 15-Apr-11 1:03 pm
Let's do a simple math that any three year old can understand.Accordind to the CNN reporter,20 percent of the rubbles had been already removed.This... read more >
Robert Eugene, 15-Apr-11 1:23 pm
Several observations * NO ONE IS IN CHARGE IN HAITI dealing with critical infrastructure repair... it is the UN (the world's largest and most... read more >
Alister Wm Macintyre, 15-Apr-11 3:21 pm
Miejo, 15-Apr-11 3:51 pm
This is ridiculous.Why will take 25 years to rebuild Haiti while Wellington and China are already on the road to recovery after their recent... read more >
Myrtho, 15-Apr-11 6:37 pm
For me this study is crazy to remove the rubles will take 2 billions dollars and after that they will be looking for another 2 billions to start... read more >
Harold Fleurine, 15-Apr-11 6:38 pm
20% rubble removed in one year, so it should take five years and I am not so good in math. LOL! How did they come up with 20 years? It did not take... read more >
Josy, 16-Apr-11 12:46 am
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