gonaive's storm sep 19, 2004.

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First of all.

whoever sent that email about haitans not giving a damn about haiti doesnt know what he or she is talking about.

I'm saying it because when i came here at six years old to brooklyn I remember haitian parents not wanting to let their kids speak creole so that the other nationalies wont here them speak their language.

I also remember that in the 70's haitian parents would not even bring their kids to haiti for vactions because they wanted their kids to adapt the american culture.

it was the thing then.

I also remember haitian parents not talking to their kids about haiti at all ecept for the negative part about haiti ." Oh I'm not taking my kids to haiti because of mosquitos, or they will eat my kids, or my kids will will die from diseases, or my kids cant eat mais moulin ect ...

Excuse me but how the hell are these young adults of haitian descent suppose to give a damn about Gonaives or haiti at all now .Its your fault haitian parents for bringing your culture down in front of your kids so now dont expect these amreican haitians to give a damn at all about haiti.

I'm 35 years old and didnt even know the date of the haitian flag day until I was 32 years old.

I left haiti when I was six years old.

All these years I heard nothing great about haiti.

I started to have interes in haiti two years ago.

I wanted to buy a land there and everyone said thats a stupid idea.

Oh they will kill you or haiti is poor and has nothing to offer, " your crazy ".

Guess what, I whent to buy my land in haiti.

You see I love my country because My parents taught me my culture.

By the way I give to the poor when I go to haiti.

I dont just give to family and friends.

I help my fellow haitians.

So dont talk about " I dont give a damn about haiti ".

You should have not deprived your children in the 70's.

Its too late.

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