So if he lacks experience why should people vote for him. Do...

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So if he lacks experience why should people vote for him. Do not you understand that the country is not in good shape presently why should we vote for somebody who lacks experiences.What do you mean by half oft the new generation who were born after the Duvalier are supporting him. What type of crowd i should have stated who are supporting him. Have you ever been to Carnival in Haiti, the mass that follow Sweet Micki's float does not say is the whole population who follows him.It is just a baby's handful who follows the guy. Let's be honest to ourselves the man is not ready to lead my country in this world of competition .If he really wants to help so badly let him be a disk joker in a any radio station or tv station from there he can share his ideas to motivate the people, or he can rebut the government mistakes.

Maybe by this time the people will learn from him and he will take his second chance in the next five years election if he works hard to achieve his goals, by this time some new faces will be in the block of which he can still challenge.

Sorry guys if you vote for Sweet Micki the country will be a laughing jokes to our neighbors and the rest of the world .Therefore they will know for sure we are nothing but a bunch of illiterate people who have no visions, others will treat us like handymen or any kind of....

think about it yourself.

(se mwen ki di'l)

Max Mills, November 22 2010, 5:42 PM

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Topic: Sweet Micky, The second Wyclef Jean of the Haiti Election 2010

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I disagree,Mwen cre Micky pa wyclef et si jeun yo ta ale deye l.yo tap fe yon gro ere menm jan avec 1990.Se ere sa yo ki mete Peyi Haiti kote li ye... read more >
Sergo Jean, 22-Nov-10 4:26 pm
So if he lacks experience why should people vote for him. Do not you understand that the country is not in good shape presently why should we vote... read more >
Max Mills, 22-Nov-10 5:42 pm
Si Sweet Micky ta monte palais an, Mrin tap kite sa la. Haiti tap mouri pou mrim mem, entermen fet, tout bagay. Valiz mrin tap fet, mren tap mete... read more >
Bernadette, 22-Nov-10 5:55 pm
Pep haisyen jan Zot te di nan deba yo, li habitye roule bel voiture et li kon servi ak bel fam blanche, li pa neg ki beswen pouwa pou li ka couche... read more >
Winer, 22-Nov-10 7:21 pm
Bernadett ou te met mouri depi kounie ya paske ou se ti soeur Preval ou pa utile haiti anyen mwen ta kontan ampil si mwen ta tande ou mouri konsa... read more >
Winer, 22-Nov-10 7:27 pm
Ce gen de moun tankou ou ke bay Haiti yon move renome. Moun ki san konsyans. Moun ki pa gen vale. Moun ki toujou la pou yo ap repete malpropte. Si... read more >
Bernadette, 22-Nov-10 7:38 pm
mwen certain ou se yon moune ki san pwofesyon pou tan ke wap viv o zetazini si se la ou ye si mwen te nan place ou mwen ta retounen haiti poum al... read more >
Winer, 22-Nov-10 7:42 pm
si j'etais que de toi,je ne m'assierais pas derriere un ecran pour accoucher des betises avec des grains d'elebores auxquels qui ne tapportent a... read more >
Winer, 22-Nov-10 7:59 pm
I like Sweet Micky, but I think Charles Henry Baker is the one who can potentially take Haiti out of this misery. Baker first then Sweet Mickey... read more >
Jb, 23-Nov-10 7:32 am
if any of these candidates are not going to do for haiti what fidel and others have done to separate themselves from those greedy vicious demons who... read more >
Frantz Barthelemy, 24-Nov-10 1:42 pm
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