I think the people will stop not stop until they get what they...

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I think the people will stop not stop until they get what they want! The people need to be taught how order & REAL leadership works.

I think my Haitian people need to stop acting like SAVAGES, we are always being potrayed in our worst light.

Then we say Haiti is beautiful, they only show the bad things.

Duh, The promotion of the assets of your country and what it has to offer is the JOB of your travel & tourism department! Only breaking news is news & without fail Haiti is mostly is in bad times.

Will riotting, bringing harm to the Minustah stop the current cholera count or bring a cure?

Do u think UN wants their MINUSTAH to die with Cholera?

I think if they would want to cure themselves and if anything appear as the heroes helping the people specially to deflect attention from them bringing the disease to Haiti! If we dont contain it and get it together those who are already infected will still be able to spread it! Im tired of every time we are faced with adversities we are illprepared, unequipped, unorganized.

We have no leadership or experience so OTHERS (MINUSTAH, UN,Others) have to come in offer their ideas, and help and help us make decisions! So Haitians, we have been destructive long enough, get organize, strategize and mobilize! We won our freedom by those means and violance came after the odds were in our favor.

What if others decide that they are not coming to our rescue anymore because it is not safe, because we can turn on them too, then what?

they said OUR police offcers were afraid to touch corpse w cholera, huh?

Linda C, November 17 2010, 11:59 AM

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Topic: MINUSTAH Wants Haitian Protest to Stop, Find Out Why

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i think they better stop cause violence pap resoud problem nou ye actuel au contraire c pose tet nou mete ak tout moun ki vle ede pey a. pa bay... read more >
Sisi, 17-Nov-10 9:43 am
There are pics circulating of UN soldiers emptying tanks of waste into a stream how real is it I don't know. read more >
Clnmike, 17-Nov-10 10:11 am
Why don't they protest against preval for letting down in first place. They should demand that preval starts the sanitation and housing program now... read more >
Garry Destin, 17-Nov-10 11:15 am
I think the people will stop not stop until they get what they want! The people need to be taught how order & REAL leadership works. I think my... read more >
Linda C, 17-Nov-10 11:59 am
They have to have what they ask for before they go home. read more >
Yves Leon, 17-Nov-10 2:07 pm
Fro what i heard, I think they should because it don't make no sense, they protesting against Minustah and guess what they Burning down POLICE... read more >
Kb, 17-Nov-10 5:30 pm
Mwen pa pou jan de manifestasyon sa yo,Men mwen kwe ke MINUSTAH Haiti tro lontan pou yo pa cheche connen Ayisyen.E mwen pa kwe pep la pral rantre... read more >
Sergo Jean, 17-Nov-10 9:58 pm
Je pense que le peuple Haitien a toujours raison, ces gens sont en Haiti pour recevoir de l'argent non pour aider le peuple Haiti dans leur misere... read more >
Amonnon Louis, 17-Nov-10 10:20 pm
Ebyen,nou prefere mouri anba ZAM munistah tanke nou mouri an "solda nepal read more >
Oxceva, 17-Nov-10 11:00 pm
Alex Jeune, 17-Nov-10 11:21 pm
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