Well u know there is no comprehension on that, cuz they...

Anny - November 16 2010, 11:42 AM

Well u know there is no comprehension on that, cuz they paid'em a lot of money so they dnt even care abt us. Whatever happened, they will always say Self-Defense.

Haitian people cannot fight against Minustah.

They got everything: zam, bomb, grenad, gas akimogene.

But what do we have to defend ourselves?


It's true we dnt have a government to take care of us, but dnt forget one thing THEY DNT CARE ABT US. Some is going to say WHO THE HELL THEY THINK THEY ARE?

It's not becasue you offer ur help, u think u can do anythin in our country.

Oh Plzzz.

But God is Good, one day they will c the result of what they did to us

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Mwen panse si Minustah tonbe nan tire moun sa vle di...

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