At Least One Haitian Protestor Shot Dead By MINUSTAH Soldiers In Cap-Haitien

There are news reports that MINUSTAH soldiers shot and killed at least one person in Cap Haitien yesterday.

Pere Lebrun - Tire Burning In Haiti

The incident occurred in Quartier Morin, near Cap-Haitien.

At least one person dead means... There may be more!

Haitians are protesting because they believe the cholera outbreak came from UN MINUSTAH soldiers from Nepal.

If you recall back in 1985, the death of three Haitian students, Mackenson Michel, Daniel Israel, and Jean-Robert Cius sparked nationwide protests and caused the demise of the Duvalier regime.

Honestly, I don't think now is a good time for UN Soldiers in Haiti to be shooting people.

Very bad idea...

What do you think?

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Paul A Cormier says...

Bad idea. This could erupt into an uncontrollable situation.

The UN should just fess up and apologize for what has happened.

There's undisputable evidence that the virus was brought to Haiti from Nepal.

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Linda C says...

Its an awful tragedy, in a protest that is organize its a delicate situation, imagine in Haiti where I doubt protestors got organized.

At this point since the concensus seems to be that MINUSTAH is the problem, I think Minustah should leave Haiti, and Haitian people handle their security and issues from now on, and everyone lives happily ever

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Sergo Jean says...

Monche mwen tre contan ou we sa epi ou metel nan tropic sa.Mwen supote tropic sa a 100% pou 100%.Sa kap develope nan peyi Haiti lide politic Ayisyen yo pa conpran ni, gouveneman ayisyen yan pa conpran ni e Diplomat yo an Haiti pa conpran, yo pretann yo con Ayisyen men yo tre lwen de sa.Yo fe pa ket ere nan zafe Haiti sa wap gade la e se pa depi 1994 yo comanse li depi le indepandans Peyi. Le yo acepte pou pran kob nan men Haiti pou Indepandans la.Lot bagay yo pa cheche conprann ayisyen ni konnen yo.Map di ou Ayisyen se bon mounn yo ye, epi yo pre pou ede lot mounn tou avec sa yo genyen se sa mwen apran pami yo, antan ke ayisyen men lot moun deyo pa konn bagay sa yo.yo se moun sou vin lakay yo yap desann kabann yo pou bo domi.Men depi ou rantre nan vole zafe li ou gen problem e si ou touye wap gen gro problem.

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Anny says...

Well u know there is no comprehension on that, cuz they paid'em a lot of money so they dnt even care abt us. Whatever happened, they will always say Self-Defense.

Haitian people cannot fight against Minustah.

They got everything: zam, bomb, grenad, gas akimogene.

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Vladimir says...

Mwen panse si Minustah tonbe nan tire moun sa vle di yo bezwen ale vreman yo konn sa yap fe a yo peye yo gwo som lajan pou sa.e m kapab di vle di yo konprann sa yap fe

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