I'm not even Haitian but I was a frequent visitor and...

Understanding - August 21 2010, 12:42 AM

I'm not even Haitian but I was a frequent visitor and participater in the LOVE SECTION of the Forum at Haitianconnection.

I learned a LOT from those who welcomed me with open arms. I had lots of spirited discussions.

Unfortunately those who were about bullsh*t or about talkin' about the same old nonsense over and over again began 2 take over. The place got boring, the creators of the site began neglecting it and pretty soon people stopped caring and the site died off and was never brought back. I had some GREAT memories from that place and made contacts with some great folks that i manage 2 keep in touch with over on FACEBOOK.

In closing ...

R.I.P Haitianconnection

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