It's time to have one haitian (one) who's care for haiti, i...

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it's time to have one haitian (one) who's care for haiti, i know he is not for the money, it's all about love, behind wyclef jean i will walk, i will help him with his campagne if he wants too, speaking french is not what will make haiti prospere, don't have any political experience isn't matter, he will have many people with experience with him, they said the same thing for obama, what kill the haitian most, they always think they know more, they are the only omnicient in this world, wyclef will prove them wrong, haitian is time to bring fresh and ideas for haiti, eliminate all those nonsense, let's fight for haiti to save the country and the people, one haiti for all the haitian, let's bring and make haitian first like the bahamas does for his people, let's feel for our people, let's united to be stronger, let's fight for each other instead fight against each other, let's give to wyclef jean what is belong to him," Mr Wyclef Jean for president" Mr the president Wyclef Jean i will follow you and assistance is free of charge any time any where.

love ya, you speak the universal language English, the french will take the back seat.

Jean Alix Jean-simon, July 26 2010, 5:14 PM

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Topic: Wyclef Jean to announce his candidacy for president of Haiti

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Depi nan tan lontan haiti te toujou gin Prezidan ki pa pale franse. Mwen pa kwoue sa ka fe diferans.Pran chanse ou bro.Neg ki pale franse pa jam fe... read more >
Wilson Boue, 26-Jul-10 1:52 pm
si se pa yon fo.Li pral prezidan an li pral ede change politik ayisyen yo dwe estab.nwen vle di yon s read more >
N.joseph, 26-Jul-10 2:07 pm
En tout cas ce n'est pas impossible, si on avait choisi un pretre de la sphere spirituelle pour le mettre a la tete du pouvoir temporel. L'aventure... read more >
Edner Saint-amour, 26-Jul-10 2:10 pm
The political system of Haiti needs to be change badly, i think wyclef is probably one of those who can make it happen and have the country set on a... read more >
Tomy, 26-Jul-10 2:35 pm
That could be the wrost decision he ever makes in his lifetime. If he dicided to run for a seat, he will be the target of all the news media in the... read more >
Cesaire, 26-Jul-10 2:35 pm
je pense que Wyclef n'a pas suffisamment de capacite politique pour diriger ce pays qui est corompu des politiciens patatistes en realite Wyclef ne... read more >
Muhamed Ramchi, 26-Jul-10 4:11 pm
it's time to have one haitian (one) who's care for haiti, i know he is not for the money, it's all about love, behind wyclef jean i will walk, i... read more >
Jean Alix Jean-simon, 26-Jul-10 5:14 pm
I think that's will,that's what i want Wyclef be president of Haiti i like him because his not hungry he's rich but after God he could save us and... read more >
Vladimir, 26-Jul-10 6:12 pm
I think wiclef could serve his country better than become the president, this is nothing but bad and thirty politics. They know what they doing to... read more >
Bijoly Desronvil, 26-Jul-10 6:21 pm
Roby, 26-Jul-10 7:04 pm
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