a broken glass can beglued back together, but the scars would always remain.

A broken glass can be glued back together, but the scars would always remain.

I do not consider myself to be a follower, just a lonely deserter soul in a barbaric city, who walks his own treacherous path in life.

I have no self-interest or conflict of interest in Haiti.

I have no family living in Haiti nor want to return to Haiti.

My titles are E.E.E/Computer Science/Real Estate Investor
I'm not a political activist.

Haitian politicians are full of birdseeds.

They only provide lips services to the people.

Their Philosophies are getting whatever they can to Switzerland's bank:
For the USA will rescue them on completion of their services to

All for one and none for you.

I respect anyone who has the desire to help the Haitians people: For, they're my people too. We can only help Haiti by united and willing to contribute money and goods through none political and none profit organizations.

We cannot change the things that an elected or selected government of Haiti would do. "Every man is for himself".

Some of you may not want to be revealed of the corruptions that are and have taken place in Haiti, because of your own personal vendettas.

Well, fact is fact. The Haitians people have the scars mentally and physically to prove it, and it cannot be forgotten ever.

I went to visit Haiti during the winter 2002 with the Ideas of building a resort over 10 acres of land for the tourist industries and a Television station control by satellite Dish to provide Education programs.

That would have been a treacherous thing.

Others and I as Haitian Americans renegades of Haiti who independently wealthy would not mind to contribute money and goods to none Political and none profitable organizations to built medical centers and canteens throughout Haiti.

The students of Haiti to or from schools would have daily hot meals.

The clinics would offer help to the sick one, also would provide hygienic goods to the people of Haiti.

Mr. woodring Saint Preux I give you my respect for taken the initiative to reach outTo the Haitian communities to help Haiti.

Mr. Woodring Saint Preux You are a good
Man as long you have no political incline to Haiti.

I do not support any Haitian political vendettas nor I want to be a leader.

I am a leader of my own establishment.

The other Wealthy Haitian American renegades who want to help Haiti through charity's organizations, which provides deductible tax's receipts.

I would want my $ 1000. 00 yearly donations to other organizations, instead would go to use for my people in Haiti.

Helping Haiti is a community project not one person project or for selected, elected president of Haiti.

There are other Haitian Americans renegades, who are observing the foundation of this Haitian community Help to Haiti.

How well we're united before they input to the cause of Haiti.

I know many of them and they 're not political activists.

They are leaders of their own organizations.

The Haitian communities need every able body with financial social influences as well as others.

We must remember that, for this project to work we must attract the negative thinkers not repelling them with strong remarks.

Haitians are very sensitive people.

They may want to express them selves to the Haitian communities, because we are one of them.

They suffered the suppressions of Haiti.

By compromising and expressing oneself to the Haitian communities could be therapist to one. I do not want to be a leader but to work with you. It is a good cause for every Haitian to network to friends and family members.

Lets do what God send us to do without the family feuds.

You are still number one man to the Haitian communities and lets hope to keep it that way. We have a long way to go.

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