Yea i fully agree with you that preval leaving will be the...

Katy Pier - May 23 2010, 1:23 PM

yea i fully agree with you that preval leaving will be the best for Haiti but the problem is not haitians (for the most) its the USA. clintons n the bush admin have blood on their hands for what they have done to Haiti.

I despise the clintons acting like they give a damn about haiti.

It is clinton who forced aristide to sell over TELECO, a state owned phone company in which ironically the clintons along with hilary's brothers made millions by owning the assets to the company.

Not only teleco but forced aristide to sell ALL state owned companies and allow foreign investors to come in to build sweatshops for cheap labor.

why do you think EVERYTHING is privatized in haiti?

It was clinton who brought upon those unfavorable agricutural policies that brought all that cheap miami rice from the US pushing the local farmers out of business.

lets be serious 30 years ago, Haiti NEVER imported rice we grew enough rice for the whole country.

We dont have control over our own country.

The usa has their hands in haitian politics since they invaded haiti since 1915. Ppl dont know that the reason why the US invaded Haiti bc the haitian govt at the time did not want the american govt to buy haitian lands, next thing we know Mr Wilson sends all those marines into our country.

people dont understand that all those political problems that countries like our beloved haiti and other developing countries is bc of the US via the CIA. Yes the CIA was involved with both coups of aristide.

It was them who supported FRAPH who killed all those ppl in the 90s n then have the nerve to make it seem like us haitians are the violent ones. im not just rambling but their is proof.

Look up someone by the name of Philip Agee, a former CIA agent who was stripped of his US citizenship bc he realized what the US was doing.

They have been the ones doing all those coups d'etat against those leaders that leans towards socialist ideals that wants to raise the quality of life for their ppl, that goes against american national interests bc that means these leaders would nationalize their resources (meaning that the state would own the companies that produce those resources).

The reason why the us exploits these poor countries is bc ofNEOLIBERALISM.

The us doesnt have any resources, so of course they have to go to the developing countries and exploit their resources.

So the us puts in places these Neoliberal economic policies to where the developing countries dont gain a damn thing.

History repeats itself and ALL empires dont last just like we've seen with the romans, the greeks, the persians.

Like them the US empire will fall and if you ask me ppl always talking about terrorism all the type but if you ask me the us govt are terrorists themselves.

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