What difference does it make? Being Haitian is something that...

Mac - May 6 2010, 10:45 PM

What difference does it make?

Being Haitian is something that one develops by being involved in the Haitian culture.

Back in the 18th century, it was a common practice for Haitian slaves to accompany their masters to Louisiana.

During that period many ended up staying in Louisiana.

Many well known blacks from Louisiana have traced their roots back to Haiti.

Does that make their children Haitians?

If you did not grow up in Haiti, whether you have parents that have immigrated from Haiti or not, you are not Haitian.

This is because to be of a nationality, you have to have love for that country.

You have to feel patriotic toward that country.

You have to be willing to die for that country.

Having Haitian roots does not matter.

The country you grew up in and be willing to die for is your country.

Beyonce, do not fall for that trap. Be yourself and learn how to speak all the creole you want. Creole is for anyone that is willing to learn, just like Haitians had to learn how to speak English when they got to your country's shore.

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there are at least 3 different creole community in...

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