Video: Beyonce speaking Haitian Creole, Sak Pase?

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Topic: Video: Beyonce speaking Haitian Creole, Sak Pase?

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This was very insightful. I knew about Louisiana but I did not know that there were any connections between Haiti and these other states. I wish I... read more >
Nick, 16-Oct-09 10:23 am
A big round of applause for her,Beyonce showed that she is really proud of who she is and her ancestors.She said what so many are afraid to say.Good... read more >
Gogo, 16-Oct-09 3:59 pm
wooow very nice to hear,i am so glad to hear this part of hitory about haiti, anyway i am happy to be what god wanted me to a haitian i am so... read more >
Micheline, 18-Oct-09 9:59 am
please stop this its great and everthing that we are discovering are history but she never said on her own that she is haitian.Many people in a... read more >
Lola, 18-Oct-09 2:14 pm
Mete pou yo fre'm!!! For the longest I use to think that I was the only young Haitian who felt this way but slowly but I've noticed that it is a... read more >
Gonzales R. Joseph, 18-Oct-09 4:32 pm
i would like to knows if beyonce half haitian please thanks read more >
Okay Is All Right, 22-Oct-09 8:12 am
Beyonce has nevder said that she's from Haitian origin she only said that she's from creole descent not Haitian wich is a big difference!! stop... read more >
Kimbo, 3-Nov-09 2:27 pm
there are at least 3 different creole community in Louisiana : the cajuns who are the white creole and the Louisiana creole and the Haitians who... read more >
Kimbo Slice, 3-Nov-09 2:35 pm
I'm not Haitian. Tired of these lames people so-called "I'm from Port-au-Prince", always degrading Haiti by keep trying to compare Haiti with other... read more >
Jean Pe On Facebook, 3-Nov-09 5:15 pm
the truth, the matter is that those people have never said that they are Haitian and I'm sure they aint! but Haitian invent them Haitian roots in... read more >
Kimbo, 3-Nov-09 5:38 pm
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