Preval inherited billions from the international aid funds

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President Preval after repeated passive-aggressive behavior with the Haitian people and the international aid community has finally won his objective.

The international aid community has officially handed to Mr. Preval COMPLETE CONTROL of the $BILLIONS accumulated during the relief efforts.

He and Mr. Bellerive may use that money for the quake relief as they may deemed necessary.

The situation could not have gotten any worse than that.

We all know that it is certainly not Mr. Preval and his associates.

If Preval runs off with that money, we will NEVER have an opportunity as this one to amass such cash to repair Haiti.

Haitian People, Please, I am begging you. STOP talking about irrelevant matters.

We must demand that money be returned to a safe haven and be used for the betterment of Haitians in Haiti.


Bernadette S., May 4 2010, 2:50 PM

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Marjorie Middy, 4-May-10 8:00 pm
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Alexandra Nau, 4-May-10 8:05 pm
Bernadette, leave it alone, will you? Nothing will change. Haiti will string along as all the third countries. The industrialized world will just... read more >
Daniel Bougherra, 4-May-10 8:14 pm
It does not the phase anybody on this site that billions of dollars are given to President Preval who has recent history of taking money from the... read more >
Marcy Paul, 4-May-10 11:47 pm


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