HCS went to distributed the goods that where donated to haiti

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To all reader I went to a journey last month.

I spend a month and two days in haiti.

what I have seen in a short time is unbearable it is a life time experience for me. the people of haiti are so courageous there spirit are so strong and devoted after january the 12 I thought the nation would have been paralyzed but instead their countinue to be mobil in their daily activities the local market has take it place people are ruturning back to work, of course things are three times more expensive as befor the cost of living in haiti is uncredible with so very little to produce or even nothing at all right now haiti inport most of his goods by 99%5 so you can imagine how much of this population left unattended.

which mean shortness of food supplies water in medicine.

please continue to help haiti not only the capital city but throughtout the nation territory during my trip I went to donate some food in clothing that my felow brothers and sisters had provide to my organization Humanity community services (HCS)I do thank you!for thinking of us remenber that HCS is there to protect your goods and donation.

Martine Civil, April 10 2010, 1:14 AM

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Hello Martine, my siter. Great story, well put together and very encouraging words. I will definitely follow up. But just one word of advice (sister... read more >
Joliemarcie, 12-Apr-10 1:55 pm


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