First Helicopter Made In Haiti by 3 Haitian Kids - It Can Fly!

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Topic: First Helicopter Made In Haiti by 3 Haitian Kids - It Can Fly!

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Some people should be ashame of themselves criticising those smart haitians for doing something constructive. I don't care how old the technology... read more >
Jean-david Louis, 15-Apr-10 2:54 pm
You have the right to critisize others, but you should be careful not to be the FOOL in April Fool. You have compared the two (2) copter's pictures... read more >
Jolo, 16-Apr-10 10:49 am
First, I would like to congratulate these three brothers in their remarkable copycat helicopter. Second, I wish that they could build something much... read more >
Mo, 23-Apr-10 7:48 pm
if anyone is a fool, its you to criticize. let me ask you, what did you build? you couldnt even build a barbie house even if all the parts were... read more >
Kat, 30-Apr-10 7:43 pm
c'est quoi cette question de gouvernement?,chaque haitien sache qu'on a un pays a construire, ceux qui ont le plus de fortune faisaient part de... read more >
Port De Paix, 12-May-10 8:42 pm
Lavalas or not President Aristide would have been more helpful in promoting and encouraging them he would have made sure the other haitian kids... read more >
Murat Peter, 14-Jul-10 10:44 am
It's great that these guys have build this could be useful in Haiti because we don't have none, if we had few of these I am sure... read more >
Mike, 31-Jul-10 1:24 am
it's great to have guys like that in Haiti, young boys trying to do something concrete. Congratulations Mikaele NB- What I don't understand is why... read more >
Mikaele Florez, 31-Jul-10 10:27 am
I am very happy to see that these youths were able to leave their troubles with everyday survival and focus on a goal that would not only make a... read more >
Bob Agledor, 12-Jul-11 10:10 am
This is a great achievement. Hopefully someone with the financial resources will assist these youth to further their education. read more >
Mintinfo, 21-Jul-13 12:14 pm
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