Woodring, Brother, you are right on point; your indignation...

Bernadette S - April 7 2010, 6:38 PM

Brother, you are right on point; your indignation about the situation is rightfully understood and felt. America has been right along our side when we needed it the most. That is exactly what counts.

Money talks, bullshit walks: US has pledged billions of dollars toward the reconstruction of Haiti, we should stick with them.
There is and will be more negative feelings as we are approaching a better Haiti.

Certain segment of our people will NOT benefit from this present upsurge of Haiti's financial support.This in turn will create a lot of residual resentments...

American leaders understand the situation...This is business as usual for them. However, the American public may NOT understand those negative comments...

It is up to people like you to let them know that these comments are NOT endorsed by ALL Haitians.

We do appreciate their support in getting Haiti back on track.

We value their help with our most vulnerable segment of our country's population when our own government was not around for any kind of support.


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