Support Cong. Clark of NY's Haiti Private Sector Bill

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Requested Amendments to Haitian Private Sector Encouragement Act of 2010:

The "Haitian-American Enterprise Fund', should be a financial vehicle directed specifically towards the Haitian-American Diaspora and U.S/Haiti Business partnerships for the primary purpose of stimulating investments in Haiti.

U.S Diaspora and U.S/Haiti Business enterprises should be prioritized as the main beneficiaries of this financial stimulus due to the US, to include US Diaspora participation in financially furbishing the proposed fund as U.S citizens with tax obligations

Consideration should be given to a funds management partnership to include the Bush/Clinton Fund, USAID in conjunction and/or partnership with organizations like OPIC, as well as reputable and experienced local financial institutions.

There is also the potential to increase the fund itself, - and/or use the original fund amount as seed money; - Which can then be increased to 3x the original amount.

Program description: The Capitalization of Private Sector to include program designed to meet a business's key financing needs, -such as:

- debt financing (loans)
- equity financing (investment/seed money)
- surety bonds
- insurance Coverage
- provision of low-cost interest loans and affordable insurances, - - to include mortgages, insurances, etc

Regine Barjon, April 8 2010, 5:43 PM

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