It is certainly not the right time for, particularly, Haitian...

Haitien - April 7 2010, 9:44 PM

It is certainly not the right time for, particularly, Haitian leaders to bring such matter on the table; nonetheless, unlike Jacques Laurent, I wouldn't stop any foreign born who wants to bring it up. We must remain mindful of the fact that the rush to help Haiti is not simply from the good heart of the "Friends of Haiti", it is also a matter of comlex of guilt.

It is therefore, not a bad idea for them to be reminded, not by us, of course, of their atrocities toward fellow hunman beings.

As many of us have seen, right after that tragic day, there were countless debates on French and Canadian televisions about the franco-american conspiracy to keep us down. Obviosly we would have to be the dumbest people on earth to beat such drum now. We need to recognize the fact that those leaders (deye manman) reflect our own attitude.

It is always (zot ki reskonsab); government(leta) bears all responsabilities, we, the people, have only rights but no responsabilities.

"Tout otan nou pa sispan di ke se selman leta plis, ameriken ak franse ki reskonsab sitirasyon nou, nou pap fe youn pa kita, youn pa nago".My good friend Woodring, you got it right

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