The Haiti Blame Game, Is Now A Good Time?

Haiti has been stuck in first gear for quite some time... and now... Haiti has a chance to shift to second, maybe third gear, but... Do you think now is the right time to piss off the driver?

How Haiti Can Win Friends And Influence People

Is now a good time to remind him that he is the one who burnt Haiti's clutch?

Is now the right time to remind him that he is the reason why Haiti needs a new engine?

Is it NOT better to say "Thank you" than to say...

"Well... It's about time..."

OR shout...

"You owe me now PAY UP..." ???

I think this is what we are doing...

At a time when the rest of the world seems willing to help us get out of the hole what we are in, this is when those who speak on behalf of the Haitian people are sending the "ego" message when they should instead try to win friends and influence people.

"Oh... Yeah!... We would've been better off had it not been for the United States!"

Is that the right thing to say when "The United States" is committing billions of dollars for the reconstruction of Haiti?

"Oh... Yeah!... We would've been way better off had it not been for the French!"

Is that the right thing to say when "The French" is finally trying to show some love?

"Oh... Yeah!... There was a conspiracy from day one that the experience of Haiti should fail!"

Is that the right thing to say NOW... when suddenly there is a conspiracy to help us?

My Advice:

The world has her eyes on us thanks to the news media, a news media that is not very forgiving.

The same media that is now helping Haiti to get worldwide attention in a positive way is the same media that will turn against Haiti as soon as the mouth of one of "those who speak on behalf of the Haitian people" slip up.

Anything they say can and will be used against us in the hope for reconstruction.


If you are one of those who speak on behalf of the Haitian people...

Please brother...

Do us all a favor...

Hire a speechwriter.

Hire expert "wordsmiths," foreign and domestic, who know how to use words to inspire others and make them WANT to help you.

Now is not the right time to have a "tea party" rise up against Haiti... use the wrong words, spread the wrong 'ego' message, and this is exactly what's going to happen.

I also suggest you read "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. It might make you a better leader.

Since you are holding the position of "leader" I hope, for our sake, you don't mind taking a good advice from little old me...

Thank you, on behalf of the people you represent.

My name is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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Clnmike says...

Maybe we shouldnt be saying it at this point in time, but damn if it shouldnt be said or

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Miggy says...

Gen anpil chans, mou-n sa yo kap pale konsa nan yon bon peyi. Kote yo pap mache nan labou.

Limie yo 24 sou 24. Manje yo tou pre no zorye yo. Lavi-a gou pou yo. Yo gen anpil tan nan men yo.
Si yo te nan mize-a an Ayiti.

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Haitien says...

It is certainly not the right time for, particularly, Haitian leaders to bring such matter on the table; nonetheless, unlike Jacques Laurent, I wouldn't stop any foreign born who wants to bring it up. We must remain mindful of the fact that the rush to help Haiti is not simply from the good heart of the "Friends of Haiti", it is also a matter of comlex of guilt.

It is therefore, not a bad idea for them to be reminded, not by us, of course, of their atrocities toward fellow hunman beings.

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Bernadette S says...

Brother, you are right on point; your indignation about the situation is rightfully understood and felt. America has been right along our side when we needed it the most. That is exactly what counts.

Money talks, bullshit walks: US has pledged billions of dollars toward the reconstruction of Haiti, we should stick with

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Fred says...

It is a good thing you did that because discussions about Haiti tend to shift the the blame game like the article

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Jacques Laurent says...

I made a presentation to a group of professors and scholars after the earthquake.

One of them (Caribbean, not Haitian) tried to bring up EVERYTHING that was done to Haiti in the past 200 years.

I simply said: "I'm not here to address that. I'm here to enlist those that wish to help Haiti NOW to do so. We can have this conversation in a different forum where that is the

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Guy Cherubin says...

Woodring, certainly you are correct, those individuals who are making those comments are unconsious and indeed it could have a negative impact on Haiti and on the people living there, Just like the "old saying" one bad apple can affect all of the good apple.

We are not living in the past, but in the present time and looking foward to have a better future for Haiti.

I'm thankful to know someone like you that share a great perspective view when one talk about Haiti, keep up the good work, and stay

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