Bill Clinton did exactly what an expertly experienced...

Bernadette S - March 26 2010, 10:38 PM

Bill Clinton did exactly what an expertly experienced politician would have done. He is leveraging his knowledge and money with people who are already serving the Country in parallel situations.

Indirectly, will oversee their operations as Mr. Clinton will be hands-on with them. His collaboration with the NGO's will facilitate better flow of ideas and tighter control of funds...

Mr. Clinton knows very well that in general a good percentage of funding money goes to management operations and employee salaries.

(more than 45%) He was basically asking for a more conservative use of money.

Bill Clinton was also asking for a more innovative management style...

Haiti's reconstruction will not be over immediately.

The NGO's understand that their jobs will not be in danger since the reconstruction is a long-term project.

If anything their SUCCESS would make them more susceptible to an upward career move.

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