as a True Haitian!!

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As a True Haitian all the horrible things the French and America did to us, I would make them for everything ..that 21 BILLION, the U.S detroying our economy and beyond..if I was a terrorist I would bomb these countrys for what they done...I think that's why alqueda is doing it they doing it for a cry to stop their wrong doings, stop!

Getmamafrance U.s, February 20 2010, 10:11 PM

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True Haitian, ou pa byen nan tet-ou? Ki kote wap viv? Pawol sa yo ka koutew yon depatasyon, tande? read more >
Janjan, 20-Feb-10 10:36 pm
I literally was in between airplane-ticket purchase for south-central America for places like Panama,Costa-Rica,Uruguay, Nicaragua in search of warm... read more >
Bernadette, 21-Feb-10 9:06 pm


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