I am 100% agree with Rene Long and Atchy. At this moment we do...

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I am 100% agree with Rene Long and Atchy.

At this moment we do not need a short term solution.

This is the ideal moment for all our engineers to come together and show off their skills.

Although we have foreign engineers who want to help also but it is time for Haitians to have pride and stand against certain crappy ideas.

We all know that the government have lands which they can provide or lease, for reconstruction, maybe a small morgage fee for the next 10 years or more.
How to do it?

The engineers need to plan the drainage, the water system, the light system, then build some prefabric houses in concrete of course.

If we have ten mould well built in style, produce ten houses a day like we build bloc, in less than six months we may have a big city.Each house does not need to be far from one to another, just 2 meters apart.Then a small car porch in front of everybody's house, one never knows when one of those people will have their own car.Then have a nice park, some malls, the rest will be on the private sector's side. Where there is population you will always find investors.

In the mean time Port-au- Prince will be ready to have some arising buildings, some boulevards or highways, some malls and plazas.

Maybe rebuild the Universities in the region of Carrefour or Leogane.Some great buildings for the government to receive and have great conferences with foreign leaders.

A national Library and museums.

Remove grand prison and send it to one of our small islands like "Ile a vache, La gonave etc..." Remove mache croixbossales in front of the sea .In the same spot, build some modern Art and Craft shop for tourists, hotels.

Rebuild Cite Soleil by some apartments for whoever can afford one.As i said the investeors and the diaspora will be right at our door to invest.Have a steady government who look after the welfare of its citizen surely and slowly we will regain our spot as "The Pearl Of The Caribbean".

Max Mills, February 20 2010, 9:50 PM

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Rene Preval a toujours des solutions a la mesure de sa reflexion. C'est peut-etre une bonne solution pour lui. Mais, il voit juste a la pointe de... read more >
Ren, 20-Feb-10 3:38 pm
Yes, we have addressed the drainage issue with the tent Cities. We are currently in design of one of the first locations for approx. 10,000... read more >
Bill Vastine, 20-Feb-10 4:36 pm
I am certain that all the involved Haitian Engineers, including those foreign specialits already in Haiti, will design safe and sound "tent-cities... read more >
Chevalier, 20-Feb-10 6:28 pm
MMMM Big things always happen when small paople are dying. Preval, Preval can you imagine how deep and silly that is living in a tent in Haiti. For... read more >
Atchy, 20-Feb-10 7:08 pm
Bonnes ou mauvaises relations: read more >
Sorin, 20-Feb-10 8:47 pm
make lot of sense. this guy only thinks small and poor. Henry Christophe was a man of grandeur, vision and WOW. I remember he promised the people... read more >
Garry Destin, 20-Feb-10 8:47 pm
I am 100% agree with Rene Long and Atchy. At this moment we do not need a short term solution. This is the ideal moment for all our engineers to... read more >
Max Mills, 20-Feb-10 9:50 pm
Building tenements in Haiti is a nice idea, but you would have to educate the people. We will have to train them in apartment living, because they... read more >
Josy, 20-Feb-10 10:44 pm
Youseline Pierre Simon, 21-Feb-10 1:06 am
I think that for the next 6 months the gouvernment should lease or buy some mobile home for each family that have been touch by the disaster. Turenne read more >
Jean-francois Turenne, 21-Feb-10 11:01 am
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