President Sarkozy Visit To Haiti

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Topic: President Sarkozy Visit To Haiti

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"The Haiti of our forefathers is dead.". The proof is in the pudding. I only wish my Dad was alive to witness what is going on in present Haitian... read more >
Patrick Guy Woolley, 18-Feb-10 2:37 am
A president traveling and visiting a former colony is simply like any human being traveling and visiting a country. The question is: Why does it... read more >
Harry Laurenceau, 18-Feb-10 5:03 am
cette visite est la caracteristique d un fait bizarre meme inexplicable par rapport a tout les annees qui passait je pense que il peux avoir un but... read more >
Beethoventznevil, 18-Feb-10 7:14 am
Please ask him, President Pr read more >
Herman Schurmans, 18-Feb-10 8:15 am
New york In French : Reparations for Past Misdeeds read more >
Erzulie Laflanbo, 18-Feb-10 12:46 pm
Freres et Soeurs, Nous devons cesser d'etre guides par nos emotions, d'etre sujets a nos impulsions irratinelles. Il est vrai que la France a... read more >
Neg Nago, 18-Feb-10 2:24 pm
c'est un grand moment pour le peuple haitien car c'est pour la premiere fois qu'un president francais a pile le sold d'haiti meme apres l'occupation... read more >
Bernace, 18-Feb-10 8:20 pm
I welcome his visit, because we need all the help that we can get. The Jews say "never again" due to the holocaust, and we also should use this... read more >
Josy, 18-Feb-10 10:45 pm
Every can relate what he gets on mind. but me I think that Mr.Sarkozy presence in this ex-colony can be interpreted in different maneer. Somehow it... read more >
Liberudee, 22-Feb-10 12:54 pm
get da hell out Sarkozy...he can smell the Haitin oil yall read more >
Zoo100, 1-Mar-10 9:13 am
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