Are South American neighbors our friends?

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According to Michael Shifter of the Inter-American Dialogue in Washington who told Reuters news agency that a new kind of spirit and cooperation among regional nations were burgeoning at this week Summit.

The meeting was on how to help Haiti after this recent quake.

The meeting took place in Ecuador.

The Colombian President, Alvaro Uribe was present.

Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa initiated the meeting.

The meeting was held to give some financial help to Haiti in the hope that Haiti does NOT become a colonized land. South American nations sent doctors, food and aid supplies to Haiti after the quake.

South American countries pledged USD300 million fund to Haiti.

The UNASUR Group of Countries will ask the Inter-American Development Bank for a USD200 million loan for the fund and individual governments will raise another USD100 million according to a plan born from the meeting in Ecuador.

Bernadette, February 11 2010, 8:47 PM

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