The price to pay

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Hey Guys wake up: We needed help with the quake, the international communities were there to help us. and they have. Without them we would have been burried under not with the so called 200,000 people, more like double the size. They indeed have helped.

What exactly do you want?

in a real world?

Nothing is for free. They will definitely want a payback in the form cheap labor, off shore banking, low export.

It is very naive of us to think that helping of the international communities will not cost us a kings ransom.

The point was that, we needed the help, they helped us. the costs will be whatever it is...

That is the high price you pay for convenience...

Well in my opinion, what ever the international demands in retaliation for help, It could not be any worse then the Haitian Government could offer us. We should be able to bargain in most part, but rest assured that what ever we can come up with will be a lot better the Haitian Government can offer us.
Take it easy, think about and remember NOTHING is for free.

Bernadette, February 6 2010, 9:42 PM

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