Dr. Sanjay Gupta, The Man Of The Year

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Topic: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, The Man Of The Year

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For me there is no word in the existing dictionary that can describe the gratitude that i have in my heart for Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and mister Anderson... read more >
Brisma Chatelier, 22-Jan-10 10:02 am
I totally agree with you. Dr Sanjay is the Man of the Year. But let's not forget the other anchors like Anderson Cooper, Ivan Watson, and many... read more >
Tatiana, 22-Jan-10 10:06 am
Dr.Gupta is the MAN OF THE YEAR...GOOD MAN...he's working hard for the Haitian people we owe him big time. read more >
Fara, 22-Jan-10 4:47 pm
Sanjay Gupta is an angel send by God to help the needy and Anderson Cooper is our number one reporter, thanks to him we know exactly how things are... read more >
Josie, 22-Jan-10 10:18 pm
Thanks to Dr. Gupta for his professionalism and courage to stand in the midst of disaster and show compassion for people in desperate need of... read more >
Bsc, 23-Jan-10 8:33 am
that fine with me he is good person end he has a good heartDr. sanjay gupta thank u so much for job u done for haiti,,,,, andersn cooper thank u so... read more >
Rinau, 23-Jan-10 10:06 am
CNN coverage has been exceptional and unbiased.As an internist,I can not stop thanking Dr Gupta,a superb neurosurgeon.As always,Anderson Cooper is... read more >
Max Francois, 23-Jan-10 1:58 pm
May Lord continue to bless Dr.Sanjay and Anderson for all the work you guy done. Thank you. read more >
Andy, 24-Jan-10 4:59 am
My appreciation for Doctor Gypta is the way he managed to perform two duties well done at the same time. He is a man with heart. God will bless him... read more >
Wilter C. Fils-aime, 24-Jan-10 10:19 am
On behalf of all the Haitian nation I would like to say thank you to DR Sanjay Gupta and Mr. Cooper for all their excellent and dedicated services... read more >
Sandra, 24-Jan-10 5:22 pm
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